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Course Reviews: Ethics, AI, and the World: AI and Algorithm Development and New Frontiers of Professional Responsibility

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.56 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,360 Ratings
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Very good speaker, very engaging, and extremely knowledgeable. Brought an interesting subject in an easy-to-understand format.
- Frederick James G
- John B
Thank you.
- Deborah W
Outstanding. Great insight. Very knowledgable.
- Leonard R
Very interesting subject for an ex E.E.
- Paul K
Very Informative
- Ferdinando (“Fred”) P
Great and easy to follow presentation...and how refreshing to see one of these CLE instructors smile for a change!!
- Maryam M
Good over view of complex topic. I appreciated the simple explanations of the various algorithms (Iinear regression, etc.)
- Robert F
Very good!
- Joseph O
The speaker was very good.
- Michael D
The presenter was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Not convinced that this is a sufficiently developed area of law to be the basis of an ethic course. Seems like a lot of speculation about what the obligations are. After attending the program I’m not clear as to why current professional standards would not be sufficient to address AI issues.
- Sandra G
Excellent presentation!
- David E
Too much technical to understand unless your programmer
- Diana L
Excellent information in a speciality area of legal practice.
- Jo Anne L
Fantastic intro class - breaking down both the type of AI equations and summarizing key aspects of them. Can't thank you enough!!
- Sahar H
Great speaker, very engaging and extremely knowledgeable. Brought an interesting subject matter to life.
- Mary J
Very illuminating. Excellent presenter.
- John M
Wow. Made a difficult and evolving topic interesting and clear to understand!!
- William K
These are difficult concepts and he did a good job of providing a high level overview of a rapidly evolving area of the law. In some instances it sounded like the presentation was designed to dazzle with complexity rather than explain, but it did provide a nice framework for the various approaches practitioners are taking to issues and in that regard was very helpful.
- Robert M
Terrific engaging speaker!
- Michelle K
great educational presentation. it is very helpful
- Manuel M
This is a fascinating topic and the speaker was very engaging and obviously very interested in the subject.
- Christine G
Great stuff.
- Donald H