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Course Reviews: Adoption Law - An Overview

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.60 out of 5 Stars Based on 3,367 Ratings
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Well done and informative
- Arlene V
The presentation was very good and I thought her knowledge of other state laws was helpful.
- Raneene B
too much va law
- david r
The presenter is very good and the topics are interesting. I just wish it was worth 1.5 credits instead of just one, as the video is just shy of an hour and a half long.
- Elizabeth C
Very informative on topic!
- Ruth N
Presenter was very knowledgeable
- Rebecca G
Very informative presentation and clearly lays out issues involved in range of adoptions.
- Marilyn Z
Solid overview of Adoption Law.
- Veronica S
One of the best courses! Presented a wealth of material in a very organized and interesting way. The presenter was very well-prepared and obviously very experienced. Really a 2+ course fit into an hour and a half.
- Catherine V
This area is much more complex than I knew and the speaker did a lot to educate me. I am only concerned that it is not entirely up to date in the sense that it was current as of 2014 (its publication date). I guess I could bring myself up to date if need be.
- Shirley S
Her materials were great. Loved how she tied content to pictures.
- Krista S
Very useful information well presented.
- Linda R
Very knowledgeable speaker
- James D
Accessible and enjoyable. Thanks!
- Robin S
Thorough yet easy to understand.
- Lisa J
very informative and knowledgable. Great presentation.
- Keon A
Very informative presentation. I like that she used Indian law. Very thorough.
- Melissa S
Best one yet!
- Amanda L
Quite thorough!!
- Kelly T
Great info!
- Connie S
excellent course
- barbara e
Excellent presenter!
- Carol R
Thank you for the powerpoint portion.
- Christine G
Very enlightening.
- Richard F
Very Informative, very good way to refresh my recollection of a critical and complex area of my practice.
- James F. A