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Course Reviews: Supreme Court Update: 2016-2017 Term

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I find this lecturer's written materials to be very helpful. Typically, I stop the video so that I can read his summary of the case he is about to discuss. Therefore, I was sorry to see that he did not include such summaries for the cases which he discussed during the last 10 to 15 minutes of his presentation. Summaries of all the cases he discusses would be much appreciated in any future videos he may prepare.
- William C
Material was somewhat dated.
- Robert D
Mr Fitzpatrick has a a clear and organized style, low key but effective. His analysis of the decisions is succinct and he is careful in noting the questions that the Court declined to address as well as describing the questions it did decide.
- Arthur W
Very knowledgeable speaker with a concise presentation.
- Louis M
Excellent summary of this terms Supreme Court decisions
- Cynthia W
Thank you!
- Thomas F
Great lecture delivered at a good pace. Easy to listen to and interesting.
- Roseann L
Great round up in a very short presentation
- Thomas F