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Delaware CLE Requirements

Delaware's Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Requirement:
Delaware requires attorneys to complete 24 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit hours every 2 years. The 24 DE CLE hours must include 4 hours of ethics, and at least 12 hours have to live, or completed in person. 

Delaware CLE Deadline:
Delaware groups attorneys into 2 compliance groups based on the year the each attorney was addimted to the state bar. Those addimented to the bar in an even year, must complete their compliance by December 31st every even year, and those admitted to the bar in an odd year must compelte their compliance by December 31st ever odd year.  

State Bar of Delaware Accredited CLE Providers:
LexVid currently NOT an accredit CLE provider in the state of Delaware. 

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Delaware CLE Frequently Asked Questions

LexVid Courses are not currently accredited in the state of Delaware. 

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