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Course Reviews: Common Issues in Wrongful Convictions with Innocence Project

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.78 out of 5 Stars Based on 18,963 Ratings
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Fascinating material, great presentation. Heartbreaking but also serves as motivation to help out this cause.
- Shannon J
Very knowledgeable presenter. He should however repeat the audience's questions so we can hear.
- Ada S
This is probably the best narrative in a CL:E program. I ma not sure it was legal education rather than moral reasoning. Very good job.
- Christopher B
Excellant. Very interesting
- Robert M
Great concise speaker!
- Kathryn H
Most interesting cle I ever watched.
- Rebecca M
The lecturer presents the topic both energetically and intellectually! By far, one of the best MCLE courses I've taken so far. Highly recommended.
- Shinichi N
The information was interesting. However, I found little useful information about the various laws in place concerning my day to criminal practice.
- Thomas S
Wow, I had no idea how important these Innocence Projects are and how many are wrongfully convicted! Great presentation. Questions from the floor were a tad distracting but at least could be mostly heard.
- Mary Ann E
Presenter was very articulate.
- Tom Y
excellent topic i new very little about
- susan g
Very informative content. Visual slides not the best quality and Course presenter kept apologizing for not being able to play the videos on the equipment he was given. I would recommend this course, especially for prosecutors.
- Elizabeth R
Extremely superficial. Very little new information that would benefit an attorney practicing criminal law from either the defense or prosecution perspective. I appreciate the presenter, however. Unbiased and fair approach to the subject.
- Monique F
Presenter was excellent.
- Brian M
I would have liked to know the use, if any, that CIP makes of polygraph examiners.
- Gunnar N
Not my area of law, but very interesting.
- Heather Z
Outstanding speaker. Too bad we couldn't see the slides on the projectors.
- Michelle R
The presenter was very engaging and, even though he was working on a tight schedule to cover so much material, he never turned out a question from the audience, which made the presentation itself more interesting -- even to the virtual audience.
- Tissiana O
This won't help me at all, but was really good.
- joseph n
Very interesting.
- Chad D
excellent and enlightening
- Gail W
was a great course! very eye opening.
- Robert M
very engaging topic and speaker
- James M
- Stephen R
- Cecile P