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Course Reviews: What Happens Now? Bias, Race, & Intolerance

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.00 out of 5 Stars Based on 9,757 Ratings
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nice job.
- Gregory L
Best slides of a CLE program nice presentation and style!
- David N
Excellent. He used good examples to explain the concepts.
- Richard R
Great speaker
- Julie S
That was really good and spot on.
- Deborah W
Very interesting. Material was clearly presented and the lecturer's comments and clarifications were excellent.
- Marilyn Z
- Stephen H
This was one of the best, most practice D/I CLEs I've seen so far. Too often D/I CLEs only discuss the problem and do not offer any real information or analysis on what we can do and what we need to be paying attention to. I know there is a problem - I want to know what I can do to help solve/alleviate it. Thank you!
- Deanna S
I enjoyed this program. The instructor clearly had a high level of knowledge of the subject and used amazing examples to explain different contexts we experience bias.
- Aimee G