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Course Reviews: Unbundled Legal Services: Ethics & Best Practices

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This was a very interesting area of ethics. My clients tend to be the soup to nuts variety - Unbundling is generally not something I do so this was a great introduction to a new way to provide legal services.
- Judith S
Well presented and very informative.
- Lindsay G
Great presentation. Lots of great biz dev. ideas.
- Sarah P
I would have liked more state specific information on the concept. At least touching on the larger states such as CA and NY.
- Susan A
Excellent and thought provoking
- Glen S
Excellent program -- How to ethically make more money, very nice!
- Joshua N
Very informative course.
- Shawn K
Excellent course. The course is very engaging, providing real-world examples as well as resources for further study. Any attorney exploring the possibilities of unbundling legal services would benefit from this course.
- Carrie P
Really cool idea. Plan on implementing this into my own firm asap. Thx.
- Jeffrey B
This was probably the most prepared presentation I have seen yet on this site. Very good.
- Richard R
Great way to get half hour of ethics credit
- Paul K
The information presented is of great value and very appreciated.
- Lynn B
Great course.! I just passed the Bar Exam in a new state. Rather than go back to my old way of practicing law, this course gave me exciting yet concrete ideas for starting a 21st Century practice.
- Diane B
- Herbert H
As a family law attorney I found the material interesting.
- Richard B
Best of them all!
- Barry B
Great speaker. Will watch his other presentations.
- Aydin B
Very comprehensive but easy to follow and made sense.
- Paul H
Well organized.
- Michael R. C
This opens a whole new aspect to legal representation. It may very well be the way of the future.
- Patrick T
to the point
- eugene l
Course was great but it would be nice if a longer version was offered. Lots of rich material but 40 min. is not enough time to do it justice.
- Lauren A
Helpful guidance on how to ethically provide limited legal services, aka unbundled services, to clients that I would otherwise turn away and who would otherwise be eaten by the wolves.
- John B