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Course Reviews: Litigators: Think Outside the Globe

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.00 out of 5 Stars Based on 791 Ratings
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This is a keeper especially for attorneys engaged in product liability cases. Thanks for the great presentation!
This course does give a different perspective on how to look for ways to establish liability that I would never have thought of
- Roy E
Excellent speaker or text reader; I did not see his face. I wanted to hear more examples or cases. They were very informative but otherwise I gave it high marks.
- armando r. v
Great program, very informative.
- Pamela C
Exceptional in the content and presentation. Instructive for other presenters.
- Daniel B
Extraordinaire expert. The expert witness provided a very interesting presentation.
- John S
If you represent parties in product liability cases, this is a must hear program.
- William G
- Miriam M
The presenter's credibility in working to actually improve organizational structures that support quality control provided a notable contrast to the otherwise plaintiff-centric approach. Still, the presentation made it seem as if our lives have been becoming more and more unsafe over time when actually the opposite is true. I am a tech attorney, not a litigator, but the takeaway for me was the everything is foreseeable in retrospect and that failure to click a box might be enough to persuade a jury given the persuasive nature of this approach to failure analysis. In the end, I would gladly retain the presenters services even though I understand that his methodology is as apt to raise form over substance as the expert v. expert approach. He's good!
- Kenneth J
Excellent! Thank you.
- Deborah J C