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Course Reviews: The Law of Fiduciary Duties in the 21st Century

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.43 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,745 Ratings
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Love this guy! Will look for his other classes bc he keeps the topic interesting with his examples.
- Alison P
Great presentation.
- Eric F
This is one of the least effective CLE's I've experienced. The written materials are inadequate - as far as I can tell, this was a preview of the speaker's book for law school consumption. Constant references to the speaker's book wasted time and made little sense since I was unable to see what the audience presumable saw - pages of his book.
- Leslie S
- Bruce D S
a well presented overview of a complicated topic.
- Charles B
Exceptional, engaging lecturer.
- Judith Z
Good course.
- Stephen G
It was interesting, but seemed to meander at times.
- Charles C
Excellent, excellent professor/teacher!
- Frank M
One of the best.
- Robert B
Excellent review of fiduciary duties.
- Timothy L
Mr. Chodos made this course extremely interesting because of his approach to the material. Bravo!!
- Ellen R
- Wilfrid N
Really interesting presentation
- Sashidhar S
excellent speaker
- sandra m
Instructor is very knowledgeable on the topic.
- Dennis K
I love that this was a lecture that was recently given. The instructor was very good. I do wish, however, that the written materials were incorporated into a slide show so I could watch the instructor and the notes at the same time and not have to flip back and forth.
- Allison S
very good speaker
- Anna S
A wonderful presentation by a highly knowledgeable and dynamic speaker.
- Alan L
Excellent presentation!
- Delma R
- Karen Brisco-Richards 0
This lecture made you really think about the scope of the fiduciary duty, and to critically articulate your duty to each party to a transaction or relationship. This gentleman gets 10 stars.
- Rennie R
very good presenter !!!!!!!
- charles g
well versed, on point what most attorney do not know or consider in daily business and related practice.
- terry b
Solid overview.
- Daniel M