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Course Reviews: The Dos and Don'ts of Litigating Sexual Abuse Cases

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.64 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,547 Ratings
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I appreciate the high energy level throughout the presentation.
- Darla C
I especially appreciate that you took the time to talk about caring for the client's mental outlook and feelings. I take a lot of time in my practice to look out for them and always mentor others on that and I think this is the first time outside my close circle that I heard anyone else do it. Nice to hear!
- Katina W
These presenters were very knowledgeable about their topics and included examples, which I appreciated.
- Kathryn P
The attorneys do an excellent job of presenting the material, explaining the nuances of the subject matter, and covering the topics in depth. They emphasized the empathy and compassion required to advocate and represent these type of cases which unfortunately seem to be in the news everyday. Well done, I enjoyed the course.
- Chris J
Wonderful training about a sensitive topic. Love seeing young women attorneys as presenters!!!!
- Anne K
very interesting and professional presentation!
- Alexander N
Passionate and did an excellent job of presentation. There enthusiasm for this area of the law is refreshing.
- Robert K
Nice work, nice tag team! Excellent.
- Daniel V
Amazing presentation
- John K
Amazing presentation
- John K
These ladies were very enthusiastic and well-prepared. Quite informative!
- Lisa B
Tremendous amount of information packed into this presentation!
- Diana G
Great presentaton!
- Lisa L
Very detailed and on point.
- Robert K
Bravo! Thank you for providing a thoughtful presentation and standing up for the rights of survivors of sexual abuse.
This was informative and interesting. The presenters clearly embraced the subject matter and were highly effective communicators.
- Michael S
well organized and logical presentation that covers a lot of ground
- William W
Excellent. Concise and insightful
- Fred Q
Superb presentations. Both individually and together.
- Laureen B
Excellent expertise provided on this very sensitive subject matter.
- Kimberly L
This was an amazing presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the information shared and the manner in which it was shared.
- Farrah I
- Constantine B