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Course Reviews: 2015 Supreme Court Update

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Very good overview. Very much appreciated his candor about the justices and some of the positions that the court has adopted.
- Daniel M
Well Done.
- Thomas P
I very much enjoyed watching Mr. Fitzpatrick's presentation. I admired his candor in saying (paraphrased), "Well, this is kind of a dull case." But, of course not every SCOTUS opinion can have a person on the edge of their seat.
- Scott M
A good presentation for a subject that can be tedious. Even a helping hand by Starbucks. Thx E
- Eric S
I especially enjoyed all of the presentations made by Mr.Fitzpatrick
- kenneth c
Great CURRENT course content and excellent presenter
- Judith Z
No Burwell?
- David R
Over focused on employment law, particularly management side.
- Kim D
The speaker was easy to listen to and the material presented was understood.
- Glen B
- tom m