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Course Reviews: No One Makes It Out Unscathed: The Effects of Personal Trauma and Stress On Our Lives

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.74 out of 5 Stars Based on 8,815 Ratings
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Thank you.
- Aldo F
Great resource!
- Angela H
Attorney Quinn gave an excellent presentation. It takes courage to share his story. Respect.
- Stacey m
Very effective presentation
- Jennifer M
Great presentation using real life examples.
- Richard G
Really effective presentation.
- Helene K
This was helpful and interesting. The presenter was a little slow in getting started, but once he began talking about his personal journey with addicting, it was very effective. Thanks.
- Peter D
Excellent presentation specifically about Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of PA, but generally about self-care and getting help when it's needed. The presenter discussed the stress inherent in the practice of law, the depression and/or trauma that can result, the percentage of practitioners who resort to alcohol and drugs, and the availability of help, which often is not taken advantage of because of apprehension about being "discovered". Near the end of the lecture, the presenter also told his personal story of adversity and how he eventually climbed out of his personal situation. Worthwhile.
- William H
Excellent presentation - thank you!
- Cory D
Very moving, when told from the perspective of the first person
- James N
This was a great CLE Course.
- Pamela P
Powerful message great content and amazing lecturer
- Wafa H
- Mark S
glad you made it! thanks for revealing your personal story! be well!
- daniel s
Very good presentation but largely repetitive of the presenter's other CLE course on the Impaired Lawyer.
- Laura M
Excellent presentation. Speaker was very engaging and knowledgeable - absolutely unafraid of telling about his experiences.
Fabulous presentation
- Richard K
I think it would be more effective for the instructor to share parts of his background upfront. When watching this program, I initially felt it to be rather cold and dry. I also felt no connection to the instructor and it seemed more of a lecture with stats (and no examples) of things most people are already familiar with. At times, I questioned why the instructor was chosen as he seemed to be far removed from the topic. However, the instructor's personally story really impacted me and made me think more personally about the topic. I think even just a minor introduction that includes something along the lines of "I have personally experienced the impact that addiction can have on attorneys and their practices. I would like to share with you some areas of concern, potential impacts and the way that you can seek assistance" would go along way to drawing the viewer in and explaining why the specific instructor was chosen. The instructor could then share his full story, as is, at the end of the program.
- Deirdre M
That was absolutely amazing. Thank you!
- Marguerite H
Passionate delivery, chock full of advice and facts, with a most compelling personal narrative. Well done.
- philip b
Excellent presentation
- Mary D
The class was interesting but hearing the lecturer's personal account was really moving and I appreciate that he was so brave to share his story. Yet another important class.
- Laura B
Great program. Watched it twice.
- Michael D
Unbelievably powerful. THANK YOU
- Kevin L
So much respect and admiration.
- Lori K