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Course Reviews: NFL Agency Law

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.71 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,495 Ratings
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Very informative presentation. The speaker was excellent!
- Pamela P
Long but thorough and interesting.
- Joy K
This is a really interesting program, with a good presenter.
- Kathleen B
Very interesting topic!
- Vinka L
Not my practice area but I really enjoyed this CLE
- Erin B
Complex subject matter, but good overview.
- Gregory S
great class!
- Nicholas S
Interesting subject ably presented and covering a lot of basic information.
- Richard S
This was a fantastic study in agency.
- Russell M
Very valuable, educational content! So many questions answered.
- Rachel C
- Vladimir K
Very well done.
- Donald S
Excellent program. I learned a lot from this presentation.
- Frederick James G
Definitely a break from Con Law. Thanks for the insight into a niche, niche area
- Brian S
Great job
- Audrey M
Very interesting!
- Daniel W
Very entertaining. Good instructor and easy to follow.
- Steven R
- Ireena B
A fun CLE presentation for me, but well done and entertaining. It just goes to show that every job, no matter how fun it seems, is still work.
- A. James, II A
Excellent presentation. Great examples used. Explained well.
- Mary S
Great content.
- Shawn C
A unique and brilliant presentation on sports agency law.
- Laurence G
Great class. Took this one for fun — ended up really enjoying it and learning a lot.
- Trisha L
Very current!
- Jan C
Unbeatable combination of interesting topic, and instructor who is knowledgeable and a great speaker.
- Steven C