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Course Reviews: Mediation Advocacy for Litigators: What You Need to Know for a Successful Mediation

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.59 out of 5 Stars Based on 16,127 Ratings
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Excellent content - especially articulating differences between litigation and mediation mindsets/approaches
- Sara K
A mediator I agree with on all but one method. Would not do a joint session with all sides in one room. Better to have 3. If parties were going to settle without mediation they would have
- Jeff L
Excellent course. Am about to represent clients in a mediation. Extremely helpful and thought - provoking.
- Michael M
The 9 step organization is very helpful for us. Thank you and well done.
- Paul M
I feel like this is the best course I have seen thus far. It was interesting and informative, and the slides were set up in a very organized way.
- Lewis B
I've been a mediator for 26+ years and rarely agree with 99% of anyone's presentation on the subject. But I did here. Nice presentation, Tim! Thank you.
- Cynthia R
Excellent presentation. It was a bit of a surprise to learn how effective mediation could be in reaching mutually satisfactory outcomes without the huge expense, and stresses, of protracted litigation. This is a tool that needs to have a valued presence in every good civil attorney's toolbox. Thank you!!!
- Hans U
Great content! The presenter broke down the subject matter in a way that was very digestible.
- Lauren W