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Course Reviews: Mass Communication, Ethics, and the Law: Perspectives of a Trial Lawyer

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.64 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,753 Ratings
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Ms. Quinn did a great job of highlighting some impactful legal issues. Very interesting indeed.
- Hubbell L
Great course! Nice use of actual videos to illustrate her narrative.
- Thomas C
Good info and nice presentation
- Gene B
Instructor really came across as an expert on the topic. Loved the use of video clips to help tell the story.
- Chelsea S
Well done the way the speaker interspersed the video clips to emphasize her points. Well-organized and interesting presentation.
- Lisa B
Great, I learned new things!
- Zoy B
Instructor Quinn provides valuable practical tips on how to handle the media
- David H
- John S
Very informative, great use of real life clips as examples.
- Judith S
Inapplicable to my practice, but well-done and quite interesting and, I'm sure, important to some lawyers.
- Jonathan T
Not very enlightening. Fairly coomonsense appeoach with a superficial treatment of ethical considerations.
- John M
The attorney making this presentation is well qualified and one could tell well prepared. Well done!
- Robert F
Fantastic presentation that perfectly marries the theoretical and the practical. Also, VERYengaging with an effective use of audiovisual materials!
- Danielle S
Outstanding and very informative. Plus very interesting.
- Albert R
This was an excellent presentation of how to use mass media to support a case.