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Excellent presentation and presenter expertise. This is a great help in litigating these types of cases.
- Jaime S
I am very impressed with the quality of the presenters on the Lex Vid programs, and this subject is no exception. Ms, Oppenheimer is very much an expert in this field, and I think I would do well to consult her in employment cases in the future.
- mark w
Nicely done. The focus on the expert testimony provided a unique perspective.
- Mark A
Very informative!
- Ross Q
Very good
- Jane K
Nice presentation
- Melissa S
Good content; presenter was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Nice review of many facets that need consideration when deciding upon whether or not to use and expert and if so, who and when?
- Hope P
Very Informative
- Herbert H
Worthwhile course. Instructor was very good, but too dry. A little bit of humor would have made the presentation more engaging.
- Kenneth L
quite useful presentation; especially helpful as too many lawyers take on plaintiff eo representation without consulting with truly experienced litigators such as this presenter
- James S