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Course Reviews: Internet Service Provider Liability in the Age of User Generated Content

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.45 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,914 Ratings
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This was an excellent course, I hope,to see updates and other programs by this presenter.
- Geraldine M
- Salaheldin S
Print on charts could have been larger. Hard to see.
- Roland H
This was a fascinating look into a current First Amendment battleground. Although DMCA Safe Harbor is "old news", the focus of the presentation on issues relating to Section 230 of the CDA was a good call. Although most businesses probably won't face CDA issues, it is still an important social and political issue.
- James D
I learned that should be allowed to operate so that the escorts can do business without the coercion of pimps. Pimps are bad. They can also discuss escort related issues with other escorts like dangerous clients, health, and techniques. If the ISP begins to fear liability for all the hooking, they may change their business model. The escorts will have to go underground again and the pimps will come back. I don't want a guy named "Last Dance Willy Martin" being gainfully employed in the slums on my city.
- Seena S
- xiaochun j
Presenter is very conversational and easy to listen to. Good content!
- Sherri W
Interesting stuff!
- James D
Extremely interesting area of the law.
- Nancy Lee W
This topic changes almost daily. Need an updated video on this topic.
- Kevin S
very informative
- Kevin D
Great speaker.
- Mark K
Very good presentation
- Phillip B
Presentation a little bit hard to listen to, but well researched.
- Sarah B
Very interesting material, very well presented.
- Andrew S
- Astrid G
Very good content and research; well-organized. Presentation was a bit halting.
- Donn D
- john v
The topic was relevant to my practice, and provided a great deal of insight into ISP liability issues.
- Sunisha C
Some general guidelines should have been prosided, although I know the law is very fact specific.
- Douglas C