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Course Reviews: Introduction to Medical-Legal Review

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.00 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,602 Ratings
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Great presentation
- Rebecca V
Valuable information! I will definitely remember this when reviewing my next set of medical records.
- Lindsay G
- Norman S
Clear and cogent treatment of a variety of medical-legal issues.
- Patrick W
- Jonathan T
Not exactly what I expected from the title but a very good and informative presentation. I expected more practical tips of what a litigator can and should do with medical records and how to best interpret and utilize records. She hit on this late in the presentation but I expected it to be more of the focus.
- Pamela J
The slides provided with the program were very illustrative when combined with the presenters narration.
- Paul T
Great powerpoint support to discussion.
- Phyllis S
Written materials were extremely well done and very useful.
- Robert B
An efficient lecture with solid visuals!
- Kristina S
Very informative and very thorough in its presentation of the process of evaluating and reviewing medical records for any one of several legal processes .
- James F. A
Very thorough!
- Heather E
Good course for attorneys who are not familiar with medical terminology.
- Shawn K
- angelica a
- Steve D
1st half interesting 2nd half a little to general
- Irene F
Another thorough overview by this lecturer.
- Johnanna G
This was not what I expected which was an overview of medical malpractice. These medical concepts were very elementary and any attorney starting out in medical malpractice would already know this. This was to basic to be a CLE course for practicing attorneys.
- Luis B
The video had some significant insights into the use of medical records and the billing records.
- Brian L
One of the best and most helpful presentations! I really enjoyed the pictures she presented.
- Jacqulyn W
As a Legal Nurse Consultant, I found this program exceptional in course content and slide presentations. Good job.
- Dianne S
I am an attorney headed to medical school and I found this course a fine example of how both worlds combine.
- Michael B