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Course Reviews: Intellectual Property for General Practitioners

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.52 out of 5 Stars Based on 5,430 Ratings
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The panel discussion format lent itself to better information flow for participants. I also liked the use of props to better explain the distinctions.
- Julia T
Great presentation. Enjoyed the round table
- Donna S
The hands down best presentation of all.
- Rose M
Very good course. I loved the format. Having colleagues discuss a topic is a great way to get a message to an audience that knows little about the subject. I encourage LexVid to post more courses in this format.
- Pamela D
I loved the discussion format of this CLE! It made it very interesting and enjoyable to watch. I can honestly say I learned a lot about an area in which I don't have much experience. Would love to see more CLEs done in this manner.
- Kristine R
V Good
- Eileen P M
One of the best CLE courses in terms of form of presentation and substantive discussion. Excellent!
- Ronald N
I thought this kind of interactive (at least among the panelists/speakers) is more effective. I hope to see more of this kind of set-up.
- Rosalie B
They referred to legal processes, such as registration of a copyright, however they never go through the process.
- Wilfrid N
Good overview, like the discussion format.
- Mary Ann P
Very Interesting
- Timothy H
The lead speaker was excellent.
- Alexandra Q
liked roundtable style
- John G
Loved the roundtable discussion format!
- Eric W
Great real world examples of copyright, patent and trademark issues.
- Crystal M
The round table discussion was very well presented. The three instructors interjected and asked questions where it was natural to delve deeper into a subject matter, and I would highly encourage LexVid to use this format in other CLE courses.
- Ethan P
Really enjoyed the round table format and real world examples - much better than normal format. THX
- Ansley A
Great session. I think the panel format and the interactions between the personalities enhanced the teaching method and made the process more fluid, the group was able to seemingly transition from one issue to another without missing a beat.
- David P
I liked the round table discussion format.
- Nicholas B
Outstanding...i particularly enjoyed the panel/roundtable format and varying perspectives.
- michael m
Enjoyed this course and the multi-dimensional views on the topic. Presenters were entertaining and I enjoyed the personal aspects of it. Thank you!
- Jana P
I enjoyed the round-table format -- a nice break from the traditional lecture.
- Jeffrey N
Good roundtable presentation.
- Edward Z
Very helpful, practical information.
- Donna G
- Alissa A