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Course Reviews: Intellectual Property Basics

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.49 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,823 Ratings
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Excellent! Having an audience with live Q&A makes these CLE's stand out.
- Julia T
Loved it.
- John Louis L
Too many questions from the audience
- Stefanie S
Chris is definitely one of the better instructors on Lexvid.
- Edward K
I didn't take a class on intellectual property in law school so this is a topic I knew very little about. The instructor provided an excellent overview of the basics of patent, trademark, and copyright law. I feel like I have a better understanding about each of area of law now and I hope to learn more about this subject in the future as it was very interesting.
- Katherine S
Wanted an IP refresher and this definitely did the trick.
- Crystal M
This is a great presentation for a fundamental understanding of intellectual property protections. The examples and practical applications of the regulations are clear and helpful.
- Rachel R
Attorney Fenton was extremely proficient In the presentation; I appreciated the handouts as well. He handled the content effortlessly. Thank you.
- Jana P
- Alissa A
Well done review of the basics
- Marianne R
Fenton obviously knows what he is talking about and can explain it well. Unfortunately, the audience in the room significantly detracted from his ability to communicate and wasted valuable time at several points in the video. It was good, but it could have been much better. However, I do admire his ability to welcome comments, however insignificant or ignorant, without being dismissive.
- Brooks R
Very engaging.
- Dimilene L
Having taught intellectual property many times at the university level, the author did an excellenty job presenting the basics of intellectual property. He is very ingagaing and after `10 years of practice clearly knows his subject. My only constructive suggestion is that repeating the adjective "right" doesn/t add anything to his presentation.
- Thomas V
Very informative lecture.
- Tiffany C
Good presentation of high altitude summary.
- Don B
Excellent introduction to basics of IP Very helpful for beginners in legal practice or for somebody who wants to get a basic education on patents, trademarks, and copy rights. Thank you
- Joseph M
A very well versed speaker. Pleasant to listen to. Covered basics well.
- Michael N
I wish there had been more of a discussion of the search options for copyrights and trademarks and the enforcement process for both.
- Sandra G
I am yet again impressed by the quality of the speaker, and the quality of the presentation. Keep up the good work, Mr. Fenton and Lexvid!
- Diana C
The interactive nature of this video made it more interesting. Because it was done in front of an actual audience, the questions greatly augmented the learning.
- Ayana S
Very informative for beginner like me. Thanks
- phong l
Very useful class and well presented.
- Rene S
Good to have an audience and questions. Makes the presentation more interesting.
- Jim D