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Course Reviews: How the Internet is Making Lawyering Worse And How to Stay Good in Spite of It

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.35 out of 5 Stars Based on 483 Ratings
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I agree with you ad work offline most of the time. I can always upload latter.
- Eileen M
I enjoyed the presenter's point of view.
- Richard W
Great stuff! KB
- kevin b
Guy was fun! To listen to a history of WP, Word, etc., was a hoot--I started on a Wang word processor in 84 at DOJ Justice Main in DC. We had the 'latest' stuff an filing a brief using Wang (kicking it out on these noisy printers, two minutes per page) was horrific. A comma or two changed on page 27 of a brief would repaginate the remaining pages, or the whole darn thing. I'm an old guy, and I know some curmudgeons my age who still claim that everyone was better off with word perfect. They are becoming irrelevant, but like the cranky uncle at thanksgiving, we indulge them. But the presentation was well organized, the anecdotes were instructive and important (spam folder tip, eg.,).
- stephen m