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Course Reviews: Goodwill in Small Service Businesses: A Guide for Attorneys & Judges - Part 2

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.59 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,807 Reviews

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Interesting approach, particularly regarding the different values for various purchasers
- Janis W
Just as good as part 1. I learned more than I was expecting and was engaged the entire time. Very useful CLE.
- Leticia K
Excellent presentation -- clear and methodical.
- Steven L
Because my legal practice may well involve valuation of a business, I wanted to learn more about that process in order to better direct testimony at trial, if need be. I learned more than I ever imagined!
- Debora J
good job
- scott e
Well presented. Slides difficult to read unless on full screen mode.
- Robert C
Again, very useful.
- brad h
I am in negotiation involving the value of a business and this course will be of great value to me.
- Robert E. S
- Ellis M