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Course Reviews: Cases With "Issues": Family Law Litigation Involving Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.69 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,608 Ratings
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I have a client with mental health issues so this was helpful.
- David D
Very good presentation!
- Katherine K
She was excellent. I loved the detail of the information provided, especially in interpreting the drug test results.
- Sarah J
Speaker was excellent!
- Edith L
Very thorough and well organized presentation. Presents information that could be useful in working with clients in any area of the law.
- MaryBeth M
Great speaker, she is very knowledgeable & keeps your attention!
- Michael C
Very sobering discussion
- Louis M
Very informative overview of topic. Speaker provided many helpful tips and techniques.
- Helen Anne R
Very informative
- Charles K
Quite interesting.
- Nancy G
Presenter demonstrated thorough knowledge of the law and human nature.
- Eugene B
excellent presentation. and great client relations advice! Use in all types of lit.: crim, civil.... and what divorce doesn't involve mental health or substance issues? thank you
- Bryan F
An excellent refresher on multiple aspects which arise in family law cases.
- Andrew L
Instructor was excellent.
- Elizabeth B
Good content.
- Shawn C
Excellent presentation, interesting material, lots of it, engaging manner of speaking
- Alison B
Best presentation in this bundle. Interesting and informative. Great speaker.
- Erris L