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Course Reviews: Drafting Surrogacy Contracts

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.71 out of 5 Stars Based on 5,544 Ratings
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Well done.
- Kristin B
Very knowledgeable and accessible presentation!
- David J
- Colleen W
Great presentation. Loved the cartoons. Very interesting material.
- Roseann L
Very interesting . What a minefield to navigate.
- Anna S
The instructor's depth of knowledge on these more unusual adoption issues and scenarios is stunning!!! A fantastic lecturer.
- M. Philip E
Good stuff but depressing.
- Melissa R
This is a thorough review of the drafting and covered many issues for a first time introduction to the topic for me. I wish the lecturer had look into the camera more with her delivery but that does not diminish the content or its delivery. I appreciated her use of the cartoons to explain the need for contract language. It provided levity and made it easier to understand the reason to address the situations. I enjoyed this lecturer.
One of LexVid's best CLE's.
- Patricia Q
Excellent lecture.
- Kevin D
The presenter spoke very quickly and unintelligibly. See visual aid sections 19, 24 and 25 out of 146 -- she is literally mumbling. In section 25, when she spits out a lozenge, it becomes clear why the mumbling was occurring in 24 and 25. The presenter should realize that we are not looking for her to rapidly read the written materials aloud to us; we are seeking information by way of oral communication.
- harvey r
Had a lot of overlap with the other ART classes.
- Amanda S
- xiaochun j
There were some slides where much of what the instructor said was not included in the slides--it would be helpful for future reference to have them written out as well. Overall an informative and helpful course.
- Angela W
Very well put!
- Myriam M
Wow. She's tops!! Very informative and useful. Presented clearly and can be put to practical use.
- Lisa Dawn S
Thank you.
- Negar N