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Course Reviews: Conduct Unbecoming: Personal Time, Professional Consequences

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.72 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,094 Ratings
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Another encouraging and informative presentation by Wendy, very glad to have been introduced to her work.
- Robert L
Overall, I absolutely loved Ms. (Sorry I've forgotten her name) delivery, inflection, and interest in the subject. Well established and researched program.
- Scott S
Great presenter.
- Cori A
She's a good speaker. Thank you.
- Jenifer R
Excellent Job. Very informative
- Kevin V
always great
- jesica f
This was a very insightful course. I learned a lot and the instructor was a really good teacher. She help=d my attention and was very positive in her presentation.
- Margaret B
She hit on so many areas that I personally have experienced, and I found her perspective to be educational.
- Rachel C
Excellent instructor.
- Peter E
Very interesting and very well presented. It raised issues I had not considered.
- Edward R
Great course!
- Eric T
Great instructor: clear, enthusiastic, engaging! Love her!
- Heidi B
I can listen to Wendy all day. Great lecturer.
- Melea B
Good Job - discussed everyday situations
- McCleary S
Pleasant Instructor with a firm grasp of the material she presented.
- Therese Z
Concise, good examples
- Fred Q
The presenter was amazing. So upbeat and knowledgeable. She was never boring in, what could otherwise be, a very dry and boring subject to cover. Good job Wendy!
- Robin G
Ms. Patrick is a dynamic speaker and has an enthusiasm for the material which makes it easer to stay with it.
- Harvey R
Wendy was extremely knowable and an a great presenter
- Michael C
Wendy is an excellent, clear presenter.
- Reeve C
great presentation
- john t
Excellent practical presentation!
- Nicholas F
Wendy Patrick is always so informative AND entertaining. Great job!
- Gina L
she is a very good presenter, my favorite on here. I actually learn from her.
- Ghazal S