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The Body & Soul of Business Valuation Part III: Discounts and Special Topics

Presented by Jay Abrams

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Course Description

Length: 3h 1min    Published: 7/13/2016    
A satisfactory result in litigation often hinges on a proper business valuation. As an attorney working with and against valuation experts, you must have a good working knowledge of how accurate valuations are conducted and what the best practices are.

In the final section of this comprehensive 3-part series, author and valuations expert Jay Abrams dives into valuation discounts and covers a few additional special topics attorneys should be aware of. Topics include:

1. Valuation Discounts
2. Reconciliation of DCF & Guideline Company Methods
3. Valuing S Corps and Non-Tax Entities
4. Probabilistic Valuation Methods
5. Demonstrating Expert Bias
6. How Does Value Grow?
7. Valuation Accuracy
8. Common Valuation Errors
9. Choosing an Appraiser
10. How Attorneys Can Help the Appraiser

Learning Objectives
* Understand valuation discounts
* Learn about reconciliation of DCF & guideline company methods
* Explore issues in valuing S corps and non-tax entities
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Presented By:

Jay Abrams

Valley Village, CA


Featured Reviews

"Very thorough"

   Lori G

"This was one of the most exceptional lectures I have ever heard. Each year I dedicate myself to continuing education in many subjects. This was one of the best uses of almost seven hours of my life."

   Marguerite R

"Wow! This guy is the real deal! Even the least analytic attorney stands to get a lot in return if he puts in the considerable effor required by this series."

   Burt P