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Course Reviews: Bankruptcy & Divorce

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.26 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,391 Ratings
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I found this course to be an excellent introduction to the ways in which bankruptcy can impact a family law case. I recommend it to anyone who handles divorce matters. Bankruptcy often happens after the divorce was filed. This course would help the lawyer to counsel their clients in the divorce case.
- Frank F
the written materials were for course "the worst of both worlds" and not this course
- Charles W
Program kept stopping during the presentation, otherwise, it was a great CLE!
- Alicia G
Needed a bit more organization, but pretty good
- Gregor W
A general review
- Steven P
very well put - great advice
- Kevin D
Good presentation on a challenging area of legal practice. Thanks! PS Would have preferred some written materials to come up along with the lecture to emphasize the major points and issues. Just helps with my poor memory.
- Hans U
He jumped around a bit much. Needs a more straightforward presentation.
- Lawrence H
Damn! Virginia is sure hard on debtors. Rotten exemptions! Glad I live in Texas where debtors have the choice of state or federal exemptions. And, after his comments on common law debt and property, I am glad that I practice in in community property state.
- Burt P
Excellent general info for the family law attorney.
- Candace B
- Steven L