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Course Reviews: Advanced Cell Phone Location Evidence for Legal Professionals

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.61 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,864 Ratings
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Interesting. Presented nicely.
- Michael M
I enjoyed that, thank you!
- Daniel K
Absolutely 100 percent outstanding. Very helpful.
- William H
- Scott C
Great information -- necessary for all who do trial work.
- Lenora E M
This course is excellent! It is packed with useful information. Most importantly, although the content is technically complex, the instructor broke it down into manageable bits. Excellent.
- Cate O
Best CLE I’ve taken so far. Great info
- Anna K
Nicely presented.
- Denay K
Well done
- Richard S
The course was great. I also took the previous course and this was a very helpful follow on. The only issue is not with the course material or the presentation, but that in the course online the slides did not keep up with the presentation. This sould be fixed as it mars an othewise excellent course.
- Carey H
- James S
Very good. I intend to listen to this again.
very informative
- Ronald N
Very interesting - good stuff!
- James R
I learned a tremendous amount from this course
- Phillip T
This is a very complicated, technical presentation, presented in a very understandable manner.
I was impressed with the level of detail of his slides and how he spoke off them. Truly a very good presentation and an effective teacher.
- Michael C
Great course. Thank you very much.
- Matthew E
Fascinating topic and excellent information.
- Susan K
Informative and well presented
- Paul V
Speaker did a very nice job with this presentation.
- Marina T
- Terry W
Very interesting technical explanations.
- Joseph R
Nice overview of some complicated materials.
- David W
Highly technical. Breaks down important issues on this subject. Like a lot of attorneys I have had to cope with and use the type of evidence discussed in this lecture. This definitely advanced my knowledge in this area.
- William W