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Defending Against Cyber Threats: Strategies to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Presented by Tom Kirkham

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Course Description

Length: 1h 1min    Published: 3/12/2024    
The ever-evolving nature of cyber threats puts businesses at risk of serious harm. In this webinar, we will discuss various strategies to defend against cyber threats and prevent cyber attacks. From building a sound security infrastructure, to employee education and best security practices, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the steps you need to take to secure your law firm from malicious actors.
Learning Objectives
* Gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving nature of cyber threats and the potential harm they can cause to businesses
* Learn about different strategies and best practices for defending against cyber threats, including building a robust security infrastructure, implementing employee education programs, and adopting proactive security measures
* Acquire practical knowledge on how to implement preventive measures to safeguard your business from cyber attacks, including identifying vulnerabilities, implementing strong authentication protocols, and staying updated with the latest security technologies and tools
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Presented By:

Tom Kirkham

Fayetteville, Arkansas


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