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Course Reviews: Don't Give Up 5 Minutes Before the Miracle

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.71 out of 5 Stars Based on 14,527 Ratings
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Great success story!
- Eric S F
Really enjoyed the personal perspective of the lawyer presenting
- Collin M
Excellent and eye opening presentation
- Gregg S
This was a fantastic course. I'm speechless. Just a note: The slides did not appear correctly on my screen. The information was jumbled.
- Brittany M
Very effective, encouraging approach to an ethics CLE course. Especially a must for anyone close to someone suffering from addiction.
- Brian G
Compelling and very informative. Best ethics CLE I have ever heard.
- Kathy D
Well done
- Arlene V
- Steven L
Loved it!
- Rafael M
heartwarming story
- Steven S
Didn't realize lawyers were more at risk than the general public. Eye opening. Presenter was excellent.
- Donald S
I didn't expect much from this program. I could not have been more wrong. I wish I had seen it years ago because it would have helped me with regard to friends who have struggled with depression and possible dependency. Congrats to this courageous woman who now shares her story.
- Walt M
awesome presentation; should be mandatory CLE throughout the country I ve been through the recovery movement with my son; this summed up years of meetings in an hour! truly inspiring; perhaps the best presentation of personal testimony relating to addiction period -I've ever heard
- timothy h
Thank you for sharing your story. You are inspirational and couragous.
- sloane u
Thank you for sharing.
- Sarah T
I love her and her honesty, I think it's even a bigger issue than we know because the job is so difficult.
- Katherine C
thanks for the opportunity to hear your story. #onedayatatime
- Kristin B
Very good
- Edward L
How brave!! Great reminder that we are a self-regulating profession. Lost my nephew to heroin and it is devastating!
- Kristin S
This was one of the most engaging and revealing CLE programs I have ever watched. Thank you.
- Mia C
I have a family member who is a lawyer and who went through alcohol rehabilitation. I thought the speaker did a good job of describing what an addict goes through. I did not receive any written materials.
- John W
Great message, thank you for having the courage to share your story.
- Robert F
Amazing story.
- Laura K